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On-Site Corporate Wellness Program

Stress in the workplace is high due to deadlines and rapidly changing technology. Stress can cause headaches, backaches, eyestrain, neck pain and other illnesses. Help relieve stress in the workplace by incorporating an On-Site Corporate Wellness Program by C.B.N.'s Mobile Day Spa. This Program is ideal for your next employee appreciation event, annual outing, or other corporate events! This is an excellent way to reduce your employees’ stress and keep them happy, healthy and productive, as well as offer an incentive for attendance, employee of the month and service recognitions.

What is Chair Massage?
This seated massage increases circulation and stimulates the muscles, thereby releasing tension in the back and relaxing the neck and shoulders, and contributes to overall well-being.



 ·       Services are performed in the workplace.

·       Quick: Each session lasts 10- 15 minutes.

·       Portable chairs and tables are provided, and can be set up in any office, conference room or break room. 


For Employees

·       Reduces Stress & Fatigue

·       Helps Prevent Repetitive Use Injuries

·       Decreases Muscle Tension & Pain

·       Enhances Creative Thinking

·       Improves Job Satisfaction

·       Shows Appreciation for a Job Well Done

For the Company

·       Improves Productivity

·       Increases Employee Retention

·       Reduces Environmental Stress

·       Decreases Employee Absenteeism

·       Boosts Morale & Enhances Performance

·       Helps Staff During Stressful Projects


Company Program
On-site services paid by the Company
Two-hour minimum

$85 per hour/per therapist
(gratuities included)

Setup fee:
$10 per event**

Travel fees:
No travel fee for locations within 25 miles (roundtrip) of our Teaneck, New Jersey office.
Additional fee applies for locations at greater distances.

Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly Company Discount Programs Available

**Setup fee waived on weekly, bi-weekly and monthly bookings

Please Click Here for our detailed list of our spa's policies.

Call (877) 517-9271 to create a program to suit your needs.

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