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Seasonal Facial

C.B.N. Spring Rejuvenating Facial
Say goodbye to your skin's winter blues. Rejuvenate your skin from the conditions of the winter season. This facial treatment will help rejuvenate the skin with a double cleansing, mild exfoliation and customized masque treatment. A skin softening treatment and a protective moisturizer complete this experience. Perfect for all skin types.
50 minutes, $65

C.B.N. Refresher Facial
This refreshing facial consists of gentle steaming with warm cloths, cleansing, toning, exfoliation, customized masque treatment, replenishing eye cream and moisturizing.
30 minutes, $50

C.B.N. Gentlemen's Facial
This facial is specifically designed to meet the needs of men's skin and consists of gentle steaming with warm cloths, cleansing and high-performance toning.  A specialized masque treatment, skin smoothing gel and skin protective moisturizer complete this facial.   For best results, shave at least 24 hours prior to your facial.
30 minutes, $50

C.B.N. Teen Facial
The perfect facial for ages 18 and under.  Includes a gentle cleansing, mild exfoliation, steaming with warm cloths, customized masque treatment and protective moisturizer.  This facial also includes a detailed consultation for proper skin care maintenance at home and a starter kit to begin a healthy skin care routine.
45 minutes, $55

C.B.N. Acne Facial
This facial is specifically designed for acne prone skin.  The cleansing clears pores of oil and debris, and gently exfoliates to aid in smoothing the skin.  Followed by a toner which reaches deep into pores to break down and eliminate acne-producing oil.  The deep pore cleansing masque treatment opens up pores and draws out excess oil.  The treatment is completed by a treatment lotion to rejuvenate the skin and an oil-free moisturizer to keep skin protected and balanced.
40 minutes, $60

C.B.N. Signature Facial
After a detailed
skin analysis, your customized facial consists of gentle steaming with warm cloths, cleansing, toning and moisturizing.  Exfoliation, specialized masque treatment and replenishing eye cream complete the experience. 
50 minutes, $80

C.B.N. Age Defying Facial
Not your average anti-aging facial.  This treatment uses a special anti-aging cleanser to improve skin's firmness and elasticity.  Cleansing is followed by a conditioning toner to help protect skin's collagen and elastin from breakdown.  Exfoliation, masque treatment and the application of a protective moisturizer to help prevent and repair damage against free radical damage, completes this anti-aging treatment.  Your skin will be firmer, smoother and more radiant.
60 minutes, $100

C.B.N. Microexfoliation Facial
This treatment uses spherical jojoba beads to gently, yet effectively exfoliate and cleanse, while polishing away dead skin cells on the surface of the skin with a specialized cloth of ultrafine fibers.  Followed by a skin softening treatment which uses a unique combination of sugar derivatives and algae in addition to oat proteins.  Designed to naturally reveal softer, smoother skin.
60 minutes, $100

 Facial Add-ons

Series Savings Plan

Series of 5
Save 5% when you purchase a series of 5 facials

Series of 10
Save 10% when you purchase a series of 10 facials.

Series of 15
Save 15% when you purchase a series of 15 facials.


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